Several Views of View Avenue

Here for your reference are several maps and plans showing the area around View Avenue. In the 1916 Moriarty Plan of Building Lots directly below, we observe the right of way in the middle of the building lots is 30 feet wide. This may or may not have implications for Kohl Construction’s plans to have View Avenue be an access road to its condo project. A 40-foot right of way is more standard today. North Street, for example, is 40 feet wide and even at this width many drivers know how tight a squeeze this can be for two-way traffic, especially if cars are parked along one side.

The chart below shows the 19th century house at the end of View Avenue that Kohl intends to demolish if the Northampton Historical Commission gives him permission. The Commission will hold a public hearing on the matter on July 30 at 6:30pm in City Hall Hearing Room 18.

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