An Open Invitation to Bill Dwight, WHMP Commentator

Dear Bill,

I understand you discussed the North Street Neighborhood Association on your July 26 WHMP radio program [mp3 file]. We would welcome the opportunity to present our case on the air. If it’s NIMBY to be concerned about the paving over of what green space remains in downtown, feel free to call us NIMBYists. More accurate labels, however, might be “environmentally aware” or “long-term oriented”.

With respect to our yard signs, we are confident they are political speech that deserve the highest level of protection under our constitution. The Northampton Building Department has reassured us that they are “specifically allowed by the city’s zoning ordinances” and that “Freedom of expression is a valued right in our city.” Based on last year’s debates about the King Street porn shop, I was given to understand that free speech is a critical value for you.

More generally, I believe respecting urban wetlands and trees is wholly in accord with a progressive agenda, and I hope you will take this into account when evaluating the merits of various infill proposals.


Adam Cohen