Historical Commission Gives Kohl Leave to Tear Down 8 View Avenue

Northampton’s Historical Commission today voted to permit Kohl Construction to demolish the house at 8 View Avenue. Tristram Metcalfe cast the lone dissenting vote. The commission found that the house, which dates back to the turn of the century and perhaps earlier, lacks sufficient historical or architectural importance to merit saving.

Two cameramen were present at the meeting. One was recording archival footage, the other was from TV-40 in Springfield, an ABC affiliate. The latter interviewed Doug Kohl after the vote. Kohl told ABC the house will not come down until he has secured permits for other aspects of his proposed condo development off North Street.

Photo: Doug Kohl goes before the Historical Commission

Photo: Springfield’s ABC affiliate records the hearing

Photo: 8 View Avenue

Kohl intends to demolish the house to extend View Avenue and make way for Unit 17 as shown: