National Geographic Adventure magazine names Northampton as one of the top 50 adventure towns in the nation

The September issue of National Geographic Adventure magazine names Northampton as one of the top 50 adventure towns in the nation. “Earnest Northampton combines the cultural breadth of a major metropolis–art galleries, diverse eateries, nightly concerts–with the low-key sensibility of a small town.” Today’s Gazette reports on the honor. Comments from public figures underscore how important it is to preserve our balance with nature in town:

Mayor Clare Higgins said that the city offers entertainment that can typically be found only in larger metropolitan areas.

“But you can go a very short distance out of town and find great outdoor adventures at the same time,” she said.

Chamber of Commerce Director Suzanne Beck called the ranking “an outstanding endorsement.”

Beck said that Northampton has a unique combination of cultural, scenic, and commercial, and recreational activities.

“You don’t find it in a lot of places,” she said. “It’s easily verified once you come here to see what a special place it really is…”

[According to Planning Director Wayne Feiden, Northampton] has become a hub for area rail trails and is located near the Connecticut and Deerfield rivers, two favorite locations for boaters, canoers, and kayakers.

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 Tree City U.S.A. Designation, 2005

The Nature of Northampton: Henry James and Tracy Kidder
Rowland watched the shadows on Mount Holyoke, listened to the gurgle of the river, and sniffed the balsam of the pines. A gentle breeze had begun to tickle their summits, and brought the smell of the mown grass across from the elm-dotted river meadows. He sat up beside his companion and looked away at the far-spreading view. It seemed to him beautiful, and suddenly a strange feeling of prospective regret took possession of him. Something seemed to tell him that later, in a foreign land, he would remember it lovingly and penitently.