Letter to Advocate: “Heartsick Over Noho”

The August 30 Valley Advocate publishes “Heartsick Over Noho”, a letter to the editor from Ann Foley of Berkeley, California:

I’m heartsick over all the bad planning that’s been going on in Northampton. On my recent two-week visit, I noticed many changes to Northampton from just a year ago! Green Street is a silent, gaping hole…empty storefronts punctuate Main Street like question marks. The green and white signs of the newly formed North Street Neighborhood Association dot front yards, as if to announce: “Northampton’s urban forest and wetlands are next…”

I don’t know what’s wrong with the Planning Board that they always focus on the minutiae instead of the master plan… My big dream is for citizens to reclaim Northampton as the enlightened, progressive, arts-friendly city it’s purported to be–and to keep it that way for visitors and future generations.

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