Breaking News: City Council Votes to Table Wetlands and Vernal Pool Ordinances

The Northampton City Council voted unanimously tonight to table the proposed wetlands and vernal pool ordinances. The main reason for the delay is to give the Conservation Commission more time to develop a consensus around the terms of the vernal pools ordinance. Councilors said they would then feel more comfortable about voting on the two ordinances as a package. There was some reluctance to take them up separately.

The Conservation Commission will hold a Vernal Pool Workgroup at 4:30pm on Tuesday, September 11, in the City Hall Hearing Room. This is located at 210 Main Street, 2nd Floor. We urge concerned citizens to attend.

NSNA is pleased that the City Council is taking more time to allow these ordinances to be debated. We give special thanks to the 2,000+ people who have signed our petition to date. We urge citizens to continue to lobby the Mayor and the Councilors for stronger wetlands protection. The Wetlands and Vernal Pools ordinances will return to the City Council’s agenda at its next meeting on September 20.

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