NSNA on Conservation Commission Agenda for September 27

The North Street Neighborhood Association is on the Conservation Commission’s agenda for September 27. The meeting begins at 5:30pm. Our portion will begin around 7:00pm. We will make our case to the commission that urban residents need and deserve the same benefits from wetlands and their buffer zones–especially flood protection–as do more outlying residents.

We invite all concerned citizens to join us. The proposed wetlands ordinance, which will undergo its second reading on October 4, threatens the safety and property of residents in Wards 1-4, plus parts of Ward 5. If the city truly wants to encourage people to live in the denser districts, it needs to ensure this option is attractive. This means 50-foot no-disturbance buffer zones around our wetlands, not 10.

Northampton Conservation Commission

Date: Thursday September 27, 2007
Time: 5:30 PM
Place: City Hall Hearing Room (use back door or main Crafts Avenue door) 2nd floor, 210 Main Street, Northampton

For more information: Bruce W. Young, Land Use and Conservation Planner byoung@northamptonma.gov


7:00 PM
Informal discussion with the North Street Neighborhood Association

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