Pictures of Northampton Streets at Various Densities

Yesterday we called for the Sustainable Northampton Plan to include pictures so the public can better understand its vision. Northampton planning director Wayne Feiden alerted us to images relating infill and density on the Office of Planning and Development website.

Below we have extracted images from OPD’s Density Study Poster (PDF) and Northampton Density Samples (PDF). OPD also presents design concepts for Single Family Home on narrow lot (PDF), Single Family Home with garage on narrow lot (PDF), Santa Cruz Accessory Dwelling Unit program (PDF), and Small House Cottage Design (PDF).

The Sustainable Northampton Plan calls for high and medium density housing in downtown and the “more densely developed areas”, 12-65 units per acre. (p.13)

The Density Study Poster:

Here we zoom in on the images of higher densities:

These pages from Northampton Density Samples provide more details about each level of density:

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