Gazette: “Superintendent: Hold off on school closing”

Today’s Gazette reports on how Northampton school officials have moved away from considering the closure of an elementary school in the coming year:

Responding to public outcry over the proposal, school officials are now urging the exploration of other options to close an anticipated budget shortfall of more than $800,000…

“I think the superintendent was responding to the community’s outcry that they want to be involved in the process,” [Subcommittee Chairwoman Katherine] Foote Newman said.

The superintendent has recommended forming a committee charged with taking a close look at the advantages and disadvantages of closing one of the schools and consolidating students and staff in the remaining three…

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…NEAT’s “Preliminary School Closure Analysis” (PDF)…points out the faulty premises on which the option to close an elementary school have been based…

The superintendent proposed the establishment of a large committee to study solutions to the budget crisis during the next year. NEAT expects to be very active with that study…

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After a two-year process that involved significant public input, the city has adopted a Sustainability Plan [link]
that promotes infill development in the urban core and alternative
forms of transportation. This is the first real test of the city’s
commitment to this plan…

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