You Are Invited to Design Northampton Week, September 7-13

We are pleased to pass along this announcement from the Northampton Design Forum


The Northampton Design Forum invites you to participate in Design Northampton Week, a week-long opportunity for the community to come together and develop a common vision of our future. The Notre Dame University Urban Design Studio will come to Northampton to illustrate how the concept of sustainability translates into plans and urban design solutions.

Design Northampton Week begins on Sunday September 7, at 7 PM at the Northampton Senior Center on Conz Street. Professor Philip Bess of Notre Dame will open the event with a presentation on how traditional urbanism supports sustainability. He will also describe the urban design process that will occur in the week to follow. Design Northampton Week will conclude on Saturday, September 13, at 4 PM at the Senior Center, where the Notre Dame students will present their work-in-progress. Between those dates, there will be continuous opportunities for citizens to interact with each other and the design team at the new A.P.E. Gallery Space on Main Street. A preliminary schedule for the week is posted on the Northampton Design Forum’s website at

We urge you to attend the opening presentation, where the event will be explained more fully and your questions will be answered. If you cannot attend, we hope that you will watch the video of it on NCTV, Channel 15.

If you are interested in helping out at the event by staffing the greeting and sign-in table, please let us know by replying to this email ( We hope to see you there.

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