Video: Design Northampton Week Opening Presentation

The video of last night’s opening presentation for Design Northampton Week is now ready to view. It’s 2 hours and 11 minutes long. Notre Dame Professor Philip Bess defines terms like space and anti-space, then offers his vision of good urban design, plus a way to look at zoning based on density (transect-based zoning). Poorly-built cookie-cutter modern architecture comes in for criticism. This handout (PDF) accompanies the presentation.

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[Added 9/9/08]
Going with the belt-and-suspenders approach, we have also uploaded the same video to Motionbox. View this when Google Video is down, or if you prefer its options such as Filmstrip View.

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Design Northampton Week: Full Schedule and Handout from Opening Presentation
This handout provided by Notre Dame (PDF)
includes  “Ten Characteristics of Good Traditional Towns and
Neighborhoods”, “What’s Wrong With Sprawl?”, “The Rural-to-Urban
Transect”, “What Is a Charrette?”, “Charter of the New Urbanism”, and
“The Asphalt Rebellion: Vibrant and beautiful, not fast and ugly”.

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