April 27: Public Hearing for the Manhan Rail Trail

Friends of Northampton Trails and Greenways announces:

There will be a public hearing for the Manhan Rail Trail (an extension to the Norwottuck Rail Trail from Easthampton to Northampton) on Monday, April 27th, 2009 in Northampton at the Bridge Street Elementary School (2 Parsons Street) at 7:00pm.

Here are selected pages from MassHighway’s announcement for the hearing. Download the complete PDF (416KB).

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Gazette: “Northampton moves forward on bike path in spite of suit” (4/18/09)
A section of that land runs through the back lot of Ernie’s Towing at 376 Easthampton Road. The company claims that it owns this strip of property and objects to the city trying to take it. Owner Frank N. Fournier III recently filed a lawsuit in Hampshire Superior Court asking a judge to determine who owns the land. Fournier said the land in question is in the middle of a lot where towed vehicles are stored, making it a valuable business asset…

The city must be ready to begin the project by June to secure more than $4.6 million in federal economic stimulus money for the project…

…the city has assessed the land and made offers totaling $58,000 to five other property owners who might have a claim of ownership, including $25,000 to the Fourniers…

Rail Trail Map by Northampton Trails and Greenways (PDF)

Northampton Planning and Development: Sustainable Transportation

Video: Transforming Northampton’s Rail Trails to a Regional Trail Network (11/18/08)

Manhan Rail Trail

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