Gazette: “Wetlands, density bog down Northampton condo plans”

Today’s Gazette reports on last night’s Kohl condo hearings before the Conservation Commission and the Planning Board. Kohl proposes to build 23 condos in the woods and grassy areas off North Street around View Avenue and Northern Avenue. The Conservation Commission hearing has been continued to 6pm on Thursday, June 11. The Planning Board hearing has been continued to 7pm on Thursday, June 25. Several Planning Board members expressed a desire to see less density in the project. We will post pictures and video from last night’s hearings within a few days.

Wetlands, density bog down Northampton condo plans

The fate of a townhouse development in the North Street neighborhood remains in limbo despite two more public hearings on the controversial project Thursday night.

After a two-hour discussion that touched on several issues related to managing stormwater in the flood-prone area, the Conservation Commission decided to continue the public hearing and to seek out the opinion of a hydrogeologist on how the project’s stormwater plan might impact the wetlands in the area.

“I want an independent opinion,” said member Downey Meyer, who floated the idea because of the project’s size…

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