Ward 3 Neighborhood Association Invites You to Join: Brochure

The Ward 3 Neighborhood Association is circulating this brochure to residents. Join today to help them protect and improve our quality of life. Download the brochure as a full-size PDF (483 KB).

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Gazette: “Northampton neighbors, police join to protect Meadows” (5/9/09)

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Takes Up Traffic Calming Manual on 9/18/08; Traffic Concerns from Ward
3; Impact of Traffic Calming on Bicyclists and Snow Removal

Video: Zoning Revisions Committee Meeting of 5/20/09
1:30:09-1:38:39… Discussion of design guidelines. Jim Nash [Zoning Revisions Committee member, Ward 3 Neighborhood Association board member]:
Neighborhood groups have anxiety about what infill will look like.
Specifying design guidelines up front will ease the way for other
regulatory changes. Residents will have more trust in the outcome.
Let’s analyze mistakes from the past.