Zoning Revisions Committee: 6/3/09 Audio and 7/15/09 Video Recordings

Here is a partial MP3 audio recording of the 6/3/09 meeting of the Zoning Revisions Committee. This recording was made by Jim Nash. It contains the first 1 hour and 31 minutes of the meeting.

Here is the 6/3/09 agenda:

  1. Public comment

  2. Finalize discussion of possible zoning changes

  3. Discuss types of infill (develop open space vs modifying existing structures)

  4. Discuss a public meeting for June. This would be our first invitation to the general public for comment and feedback.

  5. Discuss preferences for setting up subcommittees for in depth research on zoning items.
Here are the official minutes from the meeting:

Minutes of June 3, 2009
7 PM, City Council Chambers 210 Main St, Northampton

Members Present
• Dennis Bidwell
• Steve Gilson
• Danielle Kahn
• Adin Maynard
• Peter McLean
• Jim Nash
• Joel Russell
• Dillon Sussman
• Tom Weiner

Office of Planning and Development Staff
• Carolyn Misch
• Wayne Feiden

7 PM–Stephen Gilson opened the meeting with public comment.
Lilly Lombard, Munroe St, Northampton asked about adding priority to the workplan for zoning amendment related to small farm animals within core neighborhoods, particularly looking at increasing the number of fowl allowed.

The committee discussed the revised work plan, made modifications and additions and discussed possible distribution of subcommittee work for the prioritized items. Possible subcommittee groupings (to be further discussed at June 17 mtg) were determined as follows:
Agriculture: Adin, Danielle, Jim
Housing Options: Peter, Dillon, Steve, Tom
Cluster Rewrite: Peter, Steve, Dennis
Energy: Adin, Dennis, Tom
Design: Left open to determine if this should be a whole committee project or a subcommittee.

The Committee discussed agenda items for the June 17 meeting and the summer meeting schedule.

Jim volunteered to draft an introductory letter welcoming citizens to the ZRC website and email address.

9 PM adjourn.

Here is a blip.tv video of the 7/15/09 meeting of the Zoning Revisions Committee. This recording was made by Ben Spencer. It is 1 hour and 24 minutes long. It is complete except for a few seconds for camera changeover around the one-hour mark.


Here is the 7/15/09 agenda:
    Public Comment Period- open
    Zoning Ordinance Review- Joel Russell
    Discussion of Committee Assignments & Priorities- All:
    Urban Agriculture
    Housing Options
    Cluster Rewrite

    Other Items-

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To keep citizens apprised of our actions, we have a web page on the city’s website. Here you will find our schedule, meeting minutes, meeting agendas, and documents pertinent to our duties. We encourage you to give us a click.


If you want to share your thoughts with us via email, write to northamptonzrc@gmail.com. Also, please send an email to that address if you would like to sign up for our email list. We’ll send out regular announcements of meetings, forums and occasionally solicit feedback about our work.

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