August 9: Urban Design Tour of Market and Hawley Streets

The Ward 3 Neighborhood Association invites you to attend an urban design tour of Market and Hawley Streets on the morning of Sunday, August 9. This is a good time to identify good and not-so-good urban design as the Zoning Revisions Committee ponders how to implement the Sustainable Northampton Plan.

Here are the tour details:

WHO: W3NA, Aaron Helfand of NDF, and interested citizens of Ward 3 and Northampton.

WHAT: A walking tour of Market and Hawley Street.

WHEN: Sunday, August 9th, 9 AM to 11:30 (really noon but leaving a little buffer)

WHERE: Meet at Paradise City Tavern. Bagels and Coffee provided.

WHY: Our goal is to better understand this transition zone between downtown and our neighborhoods. We will identify what we like, what works, what could be improved. We will also improve our architectural and urban design vocabulary while gaining an understanding of basic design and planning concepts. Bring your camera, your sketch pad, your imagination.

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