Video: Board of Public Works Meeting of 7/29/09; Roberts Meadow Upper Reservoir Dam; Landfill Alternatives

Here is a complete video of the 7/29/09 Northampton Board of Public Works meeting. This video is 1 hour 48 minutes long and was recorded by Lachlan Ziegler.

The meeting included a discussion of the Roberts Meadow Upper Reservoir Dam (starts at 0:03:20 on video). The Department of Public Works is considering the dam’s removal (see PDF of 2009 proposal). Some neighbors and citizens would prefer to preserve it and the character of its immediate surroundings. The Board’s inclination is to remove the dam to resolve the safety hazard posed by its current condition.

There was also a discussion of the Solid Waste Management Alternatives Study (0:43:18-1:06:21 on video; download PDF of study, 2.7MB). The bulk of this discussion will take place at subsequent meetings and presentations in August and September.

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The report outlines costs associated with five possible scenarios for the landfill’s future: expanding the landfill and continuing operations as they exist now; maintaining the transfer station on Locust Street, closing the landfill and closing the transfer station on Glendale Road; expanding the landfill, but having the city or a contracted company collect trash and recycling curbside around the city; closing the landfill and implementing a citywide collection program that would transport city waste elsewhere; or closing the landfill and having the city provide no services, leaving residents to contract waste removal as needed.

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