Northampton Media: Interview with Angela Plassmann, Ward 3 City Council Candidate

Northampton Media recently posted video interviews with a variety of city council candidates. Ward 3 voters will be especially interested in this 25-minute Vimeo video of an interview with Angela Plassmann, who is challenging incumbent City Councilor Bob Reckman. We would gladly publish a video interview or statement from Mr. Reckman as well, should one be made available to us.

See also:

Website: “Angela Plassmann for Ward 3 City Council”

Kelsey Flynn: “A Brief Interlude with Ward 3 City Council Candidate Bob Reckman” (10/19/07)
In the podcast he remembers a Northampton with fewer traffic lights, sees artists as a potential source for driving more revenue into the city’s budget, and believes the city should reach out to the citizens who have an interest in a particular project before sending out for the requests for proposals (RFP).