Press Release from Angela Plassmann: “Ward 3 Forum for City Councilor Candidates, October 19, 7-9pm, Bridge Street School”

Angela Plassmann, who is challenging incumbent Bob Reckman for the Ward 3 City Council seat, issued this press release today:

For Immediate Release

From: Angela Plassmann, Ward 3 City Council Candidate
Re: Ward 3 Forum for City Councilor Candidates, October 19, 7-9pm, Bridge Street School

I would like to state I am and always have been willing and very interested in discussing the issues that face the residents of Ward 3. Accordingly, I wanted to take some time to develop a public forum that is fair and transparent for all.

That said, I am looking forward to being part of the Ward 3 forum on October 19 at Bridge Street School from 7-9pm to discuss with Mr. Reckman the following issues:

  • Impact of infill and densification on our neighborhoods and our wetlands
  • Lack of implementation of goals set by the Best Practices Committee
  • Fairness, accuracy and transparency in formulation of the Northampton landfill ballot question
  • Transportation, road conditions and traffic
  • I-91 Exit 19 process and concerns
  • Protecting Bridge Street School
  • Discussing why a Proposition 2 1/2 override became necessary in the first place, and what will be done differently in the future
  • Island Road traffic concerns
  • Crime, safety and drugs in our neighborhood
  • Proactive stewardship recommendations for private property in the meadows
  • Maintenance and health conditions in Ward 3 Public Housing
I would like to thank everyone involved for the time, energy and concern it has taken to create an arena for community discussion. I look forward with anticipation to a full and vigorous debate at the Ward 3 forum.

Angela Plassmann, Candidate for Ward 3 City Councilor
Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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