Video: Bay State Village Forum for At-Large City Council Candidates, 10/21/09

Here is a complete video of the 10/21/09 at-large city council candidate debate sponsored by Northampton’s Bay State Village Association. Tom McCusker moderated the debate between Jesse Adams, Kathleen Silva and David Narkewicz. The three candidates are competing for two positions. This video is 54 minutes long and was recorded by Lachlan Ziegler.

Video highlight: Which best practice recommendations should be prioritized and why? (5min 00sec)

Jesse Adams: “What I would give priority to would be to review the city charter. I believe that we have a very strong mayor form of government that is antiquated–that is by design of the charter. We have a mayor who chairs the council, the mayor chairs the finance committee, mayor chairs EDHLU, and I think that with a better separation of powers, with more power to the council, I think the whole city will benefit.”

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Video: Bay State Village Forum for Mayoral Candidates, 10/21/09; Term Limits; North Street Condo Proposal
Clare Higgins: “We have term limits. It’s called the ballot box… I don’t think that term limits necessarily are helpful… I also think my opinion is less important than what the full citizenry’s opinion is, and that’s something that, if we do a charter review, that may be very well what is one of the things that is taken up in a charter review process.”

Michael Bardsley: “For the executive position, yes, I do support term limits, comparable to what we have for the national government… Running for office is very difficult. Running against an incumbent is even more difficult. It’s a lot of time. It’s a lot of money… We need term limits. It’s healthy for the community to force an election periodically and have a change…”

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Last night the Ward 3 Association hosted a at-large candidates’ forum at the Bridge Street School…

Silva noted that she would prioritize the institution of term limits and a zero-based budgeting policy. “It will be important in the coming years to know where every dollar is spent.”

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Video: Presentation of Final Recommendations of the Best Practices Committee to City Council, 3/5/09
Download the recommendations online or view reference copies at Forbes Library, Lilly Library, and at City Hall in the offices of the City Council, Mayor, and City Clerk.