Video: Mayoral Debate Sponsored by GREEN Northampton and WRSI, 10/20/09

Here is a complete video of a 10/20/09 debate between mayoral candidates Clare Higgins and Michael Bardsley. This debate was sponsored by GREEN Northampton and WRSI, with a focus on environmental sustainability. The video is 1 hour 34 minutes long and was recorded by Lachlan Ziegler.


Here is a preview circulated ahead of the debate by GREEN Northampton:

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Water Not Waste: Mayoral Debate on WGGB channel 40 (10/20/09)
Michael Bardsley stated, “I don’t think that we should have an expansion unless we can guarantee the health and safety of the residents living near there and also the environment.” He also added that the City will probably have to close the landfill as the expansion would not be completed before the current landfill would reach capacity. This he said would provide “Northampton an opportunity to change our habits in the way that we deal with our trash.”

Gazette: “Bardsley, Higgins differ on environmental path” (10/20/09)

Video Highlights from the 10/19/09 Mayoral Debate: Wetlands, King Street, Infill and the BID
Bardsley: “I think probably a mistake that was made was in the…Wetlands Ordinance discussion…  Afraid that we were going to lose the whole thing [including a hard-won compromise on vernal pool protection], we said, OK, let’s move forward, let’s vote on this and then we’ll go back and reexamine the wetlands piece, with assurances that the wetlands [ordinance] wasn’t meant to open up big development, that it was only to help homeowners in making it more homeowner-friendly. And that turned out not to be the case, so I have pledged to reexamine the wetlands ordinance…”

Higgins: “I agree with Councilor Bardsley that we need to think about design standards. I think we need to think about density…and I think we need to think about things like greenspace and trees.” 

Bardsley: “I think we need design standards… Infill isn’t simply cramming in buildings.”