November 12: Conservation Commission Hearing on Three County Fairgrounds for a Wetlands Order of Conditions

Northampton’s Conservation Commission will hold a public hearing on November 12 regarding work at the Three County Fairgrounds:

CONSERVATION COMMISSION in the Hearing Room 18, City Hall 210 Main Street, Northampton, MA for a public hearing:

5:00 PM Three County Fairgrounds for a Wetlands Order of Conditions for a complete redevelopment of the site, with five major new buildings created, with compensatory storage met by the demolition of most of the existing buildings.
Three County Fair Redevelopment Corporation has submitted this Environmental Notification Form and supplemental diagrams:

Three County Fairgrounds – Environmental Notification Form (PDF, 3.33MB)
Three County Fairgrounds – Existing Conditions (PDF, 1.96MB)
Three County Fairgrounds – Overall Site Plan (PDF, 2.50MB)

Here are selected pages from the PDFs:

Overall Existing Conditions

Overall Site Plan

See also:

Video: Presentation of Three County Fairgrounds Master Plan (7/25/08)
The development’s marquee attraction will be a new 80,000-square-foot, climate-controlled exhibition building to be constructed near the back of the fairgrounds at the corner of Fair Street and Cross Path Road…

Gazette: “Neighbors weigh in on renovation plans” (7/24/08)
Michael Filas, of 222 Bridge St., said he was dismayed by the total asphalt footprint for the plan, which includes the paving of several grass parking lots in the area…

Catron told residents that completion of the exhibition hall alone would increase fairground revenues to nearly $35 million from the current $15.5 million, while hotel taxes would jump from $67,000 to $140,000. State taxes would go up from $490,000 to $1 million.

Springfield Republican: “Northampton gets $25,000 grant to upgrade Three County Fairgrounds” (4/28/08)
Founded in 1818, the Three County Fairgrounds is among the oldest fairgrounds in the country and operates the longest continuously running agricultural fair at summer’s end. Over the past decade, however, the site has shown signs of wear and tear. A few years ago, the Fairgrounds Association dropped pari-mutuel racing from the annual fair. Major customers such as the Morgan Horse Association have also expressed concerned about the deteriorating conditions of the fair’s stables.

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