February 10: Ward 6 Public Meeting – Overview of Fire Safety

This fire safety meeting is being organized by Ward 6 City Councilor Marianne LaBarge and the Ward 6 Association. Download a full-size PDF of this announcement.

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Gazette: “Ward 3 residents form neighborhood watch” (1/7/10)
Nearly 100 residents attended a neighborhood meeting at the World War II Club Wednesday night. Its purpose was to elect block captains, enlist volunteers, and distribute the smoke detectors, exterior lights and emergency beacons donated before the arrest was made…

Ward 3 residents interested in becoming a block captain or community volunteer are encouraged to contact Levinson at 413-320-6982, according to the association’s Web site [link].

January 6: Ward 3 Neighborhood Watch 1st Meeting
Here is a related handout distributed at the December 29 community meeting on the fires (download full-size PDF).

Complete Blip.tv Video of the December 29 Community Meeting on the Fires (1 hour 46 minutes)
Audio affected by static in the first minute but clears up.

Video Excerpts from 12/29 Fire Meeting: Brody, Plassmann; Handouts

Free Fire Detector Distribution

Fire Department: “No Incident Is Too Small To Call”