February 11: Traffic Calming Meeting for the Montview Neighborhood

The Ward 3 Neighborhood Association announces:



7:00 at COLLEGE CHURCH, 48 Pomeroy Terrace

The Montview Neighborhood** Traffic Calming committee (formed originally as a sub-committee of the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association) has been working for over two years to devise ways to make our neighborhood safer, cleaner, and quieter by encouraging drivers to travel more slowly and carefully through our streets.

In April 2009 we presented our traffic calming application, along with 209 of your signatures and 107 Pace Car sign-ups, to Northampton’s Transportation and Parking Commission (TPC). Shortly thereafter, the TPC approved our application and did a traffic study, which indicated a need for the city to implement measures for traffic calming in our neighborhood, particularly on the major streets.

Since that time the TC committee has been working with the city to determine the best methods for calming traffic. We have worked most closely with Laura Hanson, City Engineer, who will do a presentation at the neighborhood meeting.

The purpose of the meeting on February 11 is to get input from the neighbors on the considered traffic calming measures. So we hope you will attend, and voice your opinions.

We are grateful to the College Church for giving us a central place to meet. They have offered their Glass House, which is the large vestibule in the front of the building.


** The Montview Neighborhood includes Pomeroy, Williams, and Holyoke Streets and all the adjacent streets. As a means to identify our neighborhood, the committee chose the name Montview, since we have a view of Mt. Holyoke from much of the neighborhood.

If you need more information, please contact Lola at 584-9463 or Mac at 584-0068.

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