March 11: Food Security Presentation in Thornes Basement, 7pm

Lisa DePiano announces:

Gather with other concerned and energetic citizens as we meet to unveil the Northampton Food Security Initiative, completed by Northampton Residents and Conway School of Landscape Design!

Thursday, March 11 7-9pm Thornes’ Basement (Old Dynamite Records)
Food Provided by La Veracruzana

The Northampton Food Security Survey grew out of our collaboration with the Conway School of Landscape Design, the Western Mass Permaculture Guild, the City of Northampton, Grow Food Northampton and Transition Northampton. It seeks to answer how capable we are in accessing and producing locally grown food.

Do you have a garden? Do you store foods? Do you fish or hunt? Would you like to eat local produce but can’t afford to?

Take the Survey Now (takes 2 minutes!)

Share what you know in the survey so that we may begin to collect resources, connect people and re-connect with our food sources! As food and fuel prices increase, trucking in our food may become too expensive for most of us to afford.

Eating locally benefits our local economy and our quality of life while supporting local producers and each other! Pass the link along to everyone in Northampton, because everyone eats and everyone benefits from a stronger local economy.

You can check results of the survey at

See you soon,

Seth, Lisa, Jenn, Lily and the countless others that have made this possible

This is a link to a food security project done in Shelburne Falls

The Northampton Food Security Initiative, a project of the Conway School of Landscape Design and concerned Northampton residents, seeks solution-based responses to the need for a local food system that provides abundant, reliable, safe, and nutritious food for its residents in the face of rising fuel costs. The outcome of this initiative will be a community organizing document that makes strategic recommendations for Northampton based on an analysis of its potential ability to produce, process, and distribute food to all of its residents, regardless of income.

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