Video: Councilor Plassmann Presses Conservation Commission on Disposal of Manure from Three County Fairgrounds

Northampton’s Conservation Commission held a long hearing on April 1 to discuss the redevelopment plans at the Three County Fairgrounds (see plans at Office of Planning and Development website). We’ll make a complete video of this hearing available within a few days at our channel. In the meantime, here is a short YouTube excerpt where Ward 3 City Councilor Angela Plassmann presses the commissioners on disposal of manure from horse shows. This video was recorded by Lachlan Ziegler.

Plassmann: “…I can tell you right now the current location [for manure disposal] doesn’t always work. I’m concerned that there will be more manure [following redevelopment and expanded activities]… They are currently storing it behind the airport runway… There have been cars on top of [the manure piles] that have burned… It smells. There’s lots of flies…”

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