Video: Ladies English Pleasure Championships at the New England Morgan Horse Show

NSNA took the opportunity this fine day to walk down to the Three County Fairgrounds and watch the New England Morgan Horse Show. Here are three minutes of highlights from the Ladies English Pleasure Championships. This is a YouTube HD video, so be sure to view it in HD at full size.

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Video: Presentation of Three County Fairgrounds Master Plan (7/25/08)
The development’s marquee attraction will be a new 80,000-square-foot, climate-controlled exhibition building to be constructed near the back of the fairgrounds at the corner of Fair Street and Cross Path Road…

The exhibition building will enable fairground officials to host various events on a year-round basis, as well as multiple events at one time. In addition to horse shows, the annual fair and Paradise City Arts Festival, the fairgrounds will be able to host computer, flower and antique shows, to name a few.

Springfield Republican: “Northampton gets $25,000 grant to upgrade Three County Fairgrounds” (4/28/08)
Founded in 1818, the Three County Fairgrounds is among the oldest fairgrounds in the country and operates the longest continuously running agricultural fair at summer’s end. Over the past decade, however, the site has shown signs of wear and tear. A few years ago, the Fairgrounds Association dropped pari-mutuel racing from the annual fair. Major customers such as the Morgan Horse Association have also expressed concerned about the deteriorating conditions of the fair’s stables.

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