LaBarge, Spector and Tacy Propose Resolution to Preserve Upper Roberts Meadow Dam

Ward 6 City Councilor Marianne LaBarge, Ward 2 Councilor Paul Spector and Ward 7 Councilor Gene Tacy have proposed “A Resolution of the City Council on the Preservation of the Upper Roberts Meadow Dam” for the City Council meeting of August 19. Concerned citizens are encouraged to attend at 7:15pm in City Council Chambers, 212 Main Street in Northampton. Download the resolution and supporting materials (PDF, 36 pages, 2.5MB).

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In this first 7-minute segment, Ward 7 City Councilor Gene Tacy urges the Board to support hydropower generation on the Mill River system. A network of hydro stations at several dams could collectively generate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of green electricity per year, and the Upper Roberts Meadow dam and reservoir could be preserved. John Clapp and Dee Boyle-Clapp of Save Our Dam then debate with Board Chair Terry Culhane about whether the friends of the dam are making the progress the Board wants to see.

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Board chair Terry Culhane: “I think the sense of the board is fairly clear… but we still need to come up with some way to shut the process down. I hate to do that when they [The Friends] are not here.”

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