Call For Nominations For The Ward 3 Board Of Directors

A message from the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association:

Call For Nominations For The Ward 3 Board Of Directors

Hello from the Vice-President’s office!

This year has been a busy one for the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association. Since our previous annual meeting we have experienced the terrible fires of late 2009 and the vast, gracious support from the community to raise money for the victims and their families. We sponsored the start-up of the Northampton Neighborhood Watch, which held its first major event in August. We held our first fundraiser for the association, the Vegetable Garden Tour. It’s been a year of growth and expansion.

At our annual meeting in October, we will elect new board members. Every position is filled on an annual basis, elected by the current year’s members at the board meeting. We need new board members! As with many organizations, we have a roster of current board members who are willing to run again for a position. However, we want and need fresh ideas and new board members too! We need active members from both precincts to be board members. Please consider running– and write to me at if you’re interested. Of course you can always conduct a floor nomination at the annual meeting as well, but an early nomination helps me prepare the ballots.

The Ward 3 Neighborhood Association board is a vital part of the organization and meets regularly on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM. The board authorizes committees and plans events for the association. Occasionally, the board takes a position on an issue relating to the city and ward 3 specifically. Please write to me at if you’re interested in any of the positions:

  • Board Member
  • Alternate Board Member (votes only when a board member is absent)
  • Business Representative
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Vice-President
  • President

Even if you’re just considering a position (and are not sure you want to run) contact me and we can talk about it.

Owen Freeman-Daniels
Woodmont Road

P.S. Below is a selection of the Bylaws (which can be found here) for the roles and responsibilities of a board member:

A Ward 3 Board Member is elected to his or her seat at our annual meeting (open to the public) or by the Ward 3 Board to fill an opening due to a resignation. As a Board Member, one is afforded, one vote in Association matters. A Board Member’s election is effective for one year or until the next annual meeting. A Board Member is in no way bound to represent the positions of the Board of Directors of the Ward 3 Neighborhood Association, or its City Councilor, and is free to hold his or her own position on city matters.

A Board Member serves the Association by attending monthly meeting. A Board Member will assist the Association with creating a more informed and active ward. A Board Member is encouraged to participate on an Association sub-committee. A Board Member provides informed opinion and advice concerning city issues. A Board Member makes efforts to seek out views of their neighbors. A Board Member makes efforts to disseminate information from the Association to their neighbors. A Board Member supports Association events and activities.