Video: City Council Enacts Drinking Water Protection Ordinance

A lengthy and intense campaign by Water Not Waste culminated in the enactment of the Drinking Water Protection Ordinance by Northampton’s City Council last night. The councilors were 6-2 in favor, with David Murphy and Maureen Carney dissenting (Paul Spector, who voted against the ordinance at its first reading in July, was absent from last night’s meeting).

This ordinance prohibits the establishment or expansion of landfills over aquifers or in Water Supply Protection districts. It effectively blocks the expansion of the Northampton municipal landfill as sought by the Board of Public Works.

Here is a complete video of the council meeting. It is 3 hours 42 minutes long and was recorded by Adam Cohen.


Here is a 12-minute YouTube excerpt showing the councilors taking their second and final reading of the Drinking Water Protection Ordinance.

Voting in favor: Pamela Schwartz, Angela Plassmann, David Narkewicz, Jesse Adams, Gene Tacy, and Marianne LaBarge. Voting against: Maureen Carney and David Murphy. Absent: Paul Spector.

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