October 18: Final Public Forum on the Draft Open Space, Recreation, and Multi-Use Plan

The Office of Planning and Development announces:

The final of three public forums on the draft Open Space, Recreation, and Multi-Use Plan will be held this coming Monday October 18th at 7:00 PM in City Council Chambers [see below].

This will be the same format at the first two forums (presentation on the draft plan and taking comments from the public). This presentation, however, reflects all of the comments that we have received to date that have been incorporated into the plan.

Once we complete the public forum, we will make final revisions to the plan to reflect comments. We will then take the plan to all of the different committees whom we will be asking to adopt or endorse the plan.

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Video: Wayne Feiden Presents Draft 2011-2017 Open Space, Recreation & Multi-Use Trail Plan
Wayne Feiden, Director of Northampton’s Office of Planning and Development, presented highlights from a draft of the 2011-2017 Open Space, Recreation & Multi-Use Trail Plan (PDF, 237 pages, 5MB) to the public at Northampton High School’s Little Theater last night. Here is a complete blip.tv video of the presentation and discussion (1 hour 20 minutes).

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