Gazette: “Michael Bardsley to run for Northampton mayor again; opponent unknown”

The Gazette’s website reports:

Former City Council President Michael R. Bardsley plans to run again for mayor of Northampton this year, believing he can rebuild the support that took him within 344 votes of victory in 2009…

“I think the council has increasingly become one that will go along with the recommendation of the mayor rather than question it,” Bardsley said. “Now, questioning the mayor has become having your own agenda. You’re vilified, demonized. I see David (Narkewicz) representing the status quo.”

…He said he believes change is most needed in the way the city manages and spends its money and creates budgets, how it taps its community and human resources and how it envisions the future of its natural resources, which includes debate over the future of solid-waste disposal and recycling in Northampton…

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