Video: Mayor Speaks to Ward 4 about Fiscal Situation

Here is a 57-minute YouTube video excerpt from the March 8 meeting of the Ward4Northampton neighborhood association. Mayor Clare Higgins discusses the city’s fiscal situation and other matters, including watershed protection, snow clearing and traffic calming. This video was recorded by Mary Likins.

The mayor distributed this handout:

Joel Feldman of Yes!Northampton (and husband of Ward 4 City Councilor Pamela Schwartz) distributed this statewide proposal to make Massachusetts taxes more progressive and raise more revenue:

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March 31 Public Forum: “What we can do to close the budget gap”

Video: Tacy, LaBarge Criticize Narkewicz/Budgar Email
In his email, Narkewicz was responding to a query from Ward 3 Neighborhood Association President Gerald Budgar, who wanted to know what “MB and his crew” were complaining about regarding the city’s $700,000 purchase of watershed protection land in Whately…

In his email to Budgar, Narkewicz also attempts to explain why Ward 6 City Councilor Marianne L. LaBarge and Ward 7 City Councilor Eugene A. Tacy voted against appropriating the money for the land in Whately, writing that “Gene and Marianne fancy themselves as land development experts and disagree with the land appraisal used to determine the purchase price.”