Latest Version of Northampton Reprecincting Map Slated for May 5 Vote

Northampton’s Reprecincting Committee will vote on the map below at 7:30 pm on Thursday, May 5 in the City Clerk’s Office. The Reprecincting Committee will then walk over to Council Chambers in order to present its proposal to the full City Council. David P. Stevens is the chair of the Reprecincting Committee, 413-586-6817.
Reprecincting Map Draft 05 May 2011

Here is a complete YouTube video of the April 27 meeting of the Reprecincting Committee. This video is 40 minutes long and was recorded by Adam Cohen.

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MassLive: “Redrawn voting lines in Northampton affect fewer than 500” (5/1/11)
The Reprecincting Committee appointed by Mayor Mary Clare Higgins is suggesting that 468 people who live in what is currently Ward 4 be shifted to Ward 2 to achieve the population balance required by the state. On Bradford Street, another 16 would move from Ward 1 to Ward 3, where they were before a prior census reassigned them. In Wards 5,6 and 7, precinct lines would shift a single block, but this would only affect where some of those residents would vote.

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