Video: Exit 19 Options Being Reevaluated as Pioneer Valley Growth Projections Slashed

Here is a complete YouTube video of an update given to the Exit 19 Project Advisory Committee on May 11. This video is 33 minutes long and was recorded by Sydney Stern.

The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission recently reduced its 25-year projections of employment and population growth in the region from 28% to 3%. The Exit 19 engineers say this has an impact on their traffic projections, so they are now reevaluating their options. In addition, the options involving roundabouts are being reviewed with an eye to making their parameters less aggressive.

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Video: Engineers Abandon Full-Access Interchange Concepts for Exit 19; Residents Delighted (7/24/10)
Besides no-build, three concepts will proceed for more study:

  • Concept 13: Intersection & Ramp Improvements

  • Concept 13A: Intersection & Ramp Improvements with Roundabout

  • Concept 13B: Intersection & Ramp Improvements with Double Roundabout
Video: Exit 19 Public Meeting, 6/14/10; $10 Million to Save Two Minutes
The presenters estimate that the full-access interchange concepts (C15, C15A, C18) have the potential to shave two minutes off the time it takes to exit the highway and reach the center of downtown Northampton (see video starting at 1:17:00). These concepts are estimated to cost from $12.8 million to $35.0 million. The concepts preferred by the Project Advisory Committee (C12-C13C), are estimated to cost $3 million or less. The PAC includes local citizens.