Video: Planning Board, Ordinance Committee Wrestle with King Street Zoning

Here is a YouTube video of the complete 9/8/11 meeting of Northampton’s Planning Board. The City Council’s Ordinance Committee was also on hand for the portion of the meeting that discussed changing zoning regulations along King Street. Click for a summary of the proposed changes and the details of the changes. This video is 3 hours 8 minutes long and was recorded by Emily Odgers.

No vote was taken on these zoning proposals. The public hearing will continue on October 13, 7pm in City Council chambers.

In this short YouTube excerpt from the 9/8 hearing, Planning Board member Andrew Weir speaks up for requiring a second story for buildings in the Entranceway Business District (King Street from North Street to the rail trail).

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Ward 3 City Councilor Owen Freeman-Daniels: “Major Changes to King St Proposed”
There are many elements of this makeover [in the Highway Business district] that I could not recommend:

  1. No maximum setback. Buildings can be as far back from the street as the builder wishes.

  2. No minimum setback. If we want a consistent landscaped look for the street, there should be a minimum setback.

  3. No explicit accommodation for bike paths, cycle tracks, or other bike lanes in the landscape requirements.

  4. Onerous design or landscaping standards for non-retail establishments.
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