Video: Conservation Commission Hears Comments about Montview Parcel in Meadows

Here is a YouTube video from the 1/12/12 meeting of Northampton’s Conservation Commission. Many members of the public attended to speak about the process for overseeing a three-acre parcel of land at Montview Avenue and Ventures Field Road. The commission expects to take up the subject again at its 1/26/12 meeting, 5pm in the City Hall Hearing Room (2nd floor, enter building from rear). This video is 1 hour 17 minutes long and was recorded by Adam Cohen.

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Gazette: “Northampton Conservation Commission delays Montview parcel decision” (1/12/12)
The Conservation Commission Thursday delayed a decision on whether to turn day-to-day management of a small piece of land in the Meadows Conservation Area over to a neighborhood coalition.

The proposed agreement would give the Meadow City Conservation Coalition, a newly-formed group of neighbors who live in the surrounding neighborhood, oversight of the 3-acre Montview parcel at the corner of Montview Avenue and Ventures Field Road…

Opponents expressed concerns about letting a private group of neighbors create an RFP and select a farmer for the land.

The Montview Conservation Land

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