Gazette: “Neighbors push for changes as major North Street road job nears”

Today’s Gazette reports:

A newly formed group called the North Street Neighbors outlined its concerns in a petition filed last month with the DPW…

While the petition highlights four issues, [Joan] Rasool said the group is focusing on the quality of the sidewalks and curbing planned for the street. Residents want to see concrete sidewalks and granite curbing throughout the entire length of North Street, instead of the planned asphalt sidewalks. At the least, the group would like the DPW to consider concrete sidewalks if granite curbing is too costly.

DPW Director Ned Huntley said Thursday the price for concrete sidewalks is reasonable – only $7,000 more than asphalt – and he has authorized its use on North Street…

Caracas Construction of Ludlow, which won the $1.804 million North Street contract, is expected to begin work the second week of July, Huntley said. The project will likely take two construction seasons.

In the meantime, Narkewicz has organized a June 25 meeting where residents will be able to ask questions of DPW officials. The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. in the City Hall hearing room…

In addition to sidewalks, the North Street Neighbors group expressed three other concerns: the decision to create sidewalks on both sides of North Street, on-street parking and what they described as a lack of due process in project planning.

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