North Street Barbecue on July 21

The North Street Neighborhood Association invites you to a barbecue on July 21. Come to 134 North Street, across from the Bridge Street Cemetery, between 5-7pm, rain or shine.

Meet your neighbors and enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs and cold beverages. Feel free to bring side dishes, salads or desserts.

Also on the menu

Learn about the 31 condo units and 66 parking spaces Kohl Construction is planning to build in the forested area between North Street and the new bike trail. Homes within 1,000 feet of View Avenue will be particularly affected. This project will consume 5.49 acres of forest and green space, and encroach on the wetlands that run through the forest.

Surrounded by developed areas on all sides, our forest is one of the few substantial stands of trees in downtown Northampton. A distinctive and beautiful feature of our neighborhood, the forest cools the air, buffers sound from I-91 and King Street, smells great, absorbs water, and provides a habitat for deer and small animals of all kinds. Your neighbors are also concerned about increased parking and traffic demands that will be made on an already busy North Street and the side streets that lead from it.

These pictures show our forest as it is now, and Kohl Construction’s plans to build condos over 5+ acres of it.