NSNA Featured on Home Page of ValleyAdvocate.com

Daryl LaFleur has published a blog entry about NSNA on Northampton Redoubt, his blog at ValleyAdvocate.com. The Advocate is featuring this entry on its home page today. Daryl began coverage of Kohl Construction’s plans last month, writing about it on June 15, and providing several good photos of the plans.

In a comment below his June 15 entry Daryl writes:

Often overlooked is the importance of maintaining our urban ecology.
Retaining green urban patches is vitally important in order to support
wildlife and the ecocycle. New zoning in Northampton is resulting in
infilled neighborhoods so we are losing green spaces intown that
support birds and small mammals. I think infill is fine when speaking
of redeveloping an area that has already been paved over and has no
historic significance. Eliminating all intown green spaces however is
another matter.