Clean Water Action Massachusetts: “Support The Right of Citizens to Appeal DEP Wetlands Decisions”

Clean Water Action Massachusetts is circulating the following email bulletin today:

Support The Right of Citizens to Appeal DEP Wetlands Decisions

Take Action Now: Send a comment to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for the public record by August 13th in support of the right of citizens to appeal DEP wetlands decisions…

Over 400 concerned citizens have voted on Governor Patrick’s website to show him how important it is to preserve citizens’ rights to be involved in protecting wetlands. Get deeper background on the proposed changes and how they could reduce the role for concerned citizens in protecting our environment.

You will be joining with concerned citizens around the state to make your support for strong citizen involvement in wetlands protections known.

Now we need to send our comments to the Department of Environmental Protection by August 13th.

Your comments will be entered into the public record, which is very important, and copies will be sent to Governor Patrick, Ian Bowles at The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, and Arleen O’Donnell at the DEP.

Take action now!

You can also help by supporting this water protection campaign.

For a limited time only, your tax-deductible online donations to Clean Water Fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a local foundation. Make a donation today!