NSNA Debuts Radio Campaign on WHMP

The North Street Neighborhood Association today debuts a radio ad campaign on WHMP-AM. The campaign consists of 30-second spots that will air primarily on the morning talk shows of Tom Vannah and Chris Collins and The Bill Dwight Show.

Text of the radio ad:
Northampton has long been proud of its tradition as Paradise City, a place in harmony with its beautiful natural surroundings. But this balance is threatened today by certain kinds of infill development. Building next to wetlands disrupts wildlife habitats and can increase the risk of flooding. Sign the North Street Neighborhood Association petition today to protect our trees and wetlands, on the web at NorthAssoc.org. That’s N-O-R-T-H-A-S-S-O-C dot O-R-G. Paid for by the North Street Neighborhood Association.
Listen to the ad as an mp3 file.

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