NSNA Banner Ads Debut on GazetteNet.com

Visitors to the home page of the Daily Hampshire Gazette, GazetteNet.com, will see our new animated banner ad starting today:

In this ad, we are calling particular attention to detention ponds as people may not appreciate how the need for them may surge under the proposed wetlands ordinance. The ordinance is specifically aimed at encouraging infill development–dense development as close as 10 feet to wetlands in our more built-up areas. Multi-unit projects and projects with a large amount of impervious surface are the most likely to require stormwater management techniques such as detention ponds.

A condo project such as the one Kohl Construction proposes off North Street appears to be exactly the kind of development the new ordinance is meant to encourage. Plans presented in June call for five detention ponds. As Carlon Drive and the Northampton High School have found out, these ponds are tricky to construct and maintain. See these articles to learn more about the downsides of detention ponds:

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EPA: Do Stormwater Retention Ponds Contribute to Mosquito Problems?
Mosquito proliferation in stormwater ponds is a concern, especially when so many wet and dry ponds are in place and continue to be installed across the country. Many ponds are not properly maintained, particularly in cases where they are installed in subdivisions and other developments where the entity responsible for long-term maintenance is not clearly defined once the construction is complete…

Detention Pools, Children and Drowning

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