The 11th Hour

Seen this month in the window of Pleasant Street Theater…

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Breaking News: Council Approves New Wetlands Ordinance 7-2 on First Reading
After nearly two hours of debate between Northampton’s City Councilors, the Council voted 7-2 to approve the proposed new wetlands ordinance with some minor amendments. Councilor-At-Large Jim Dostal and Ward 7 Councilor Ray LaBarge voted against the ordinance.

The ordinance must undergo a second reading, presumably at the next City Council meeting on October 4. The next fourteen days represent the public’s last best chance to convince their councilors to amend the ordinance to safeguard Northampton’s natural flood mitigation systems. Specifically, we urge the councilors to require a minimum 50-foot no-build zone around all the city’s wetlands. At the very least, a 50-foot no-build zone should be required in residential zoning districts URB and URC (see map), a suggestion made by Mr. Dostal. Call your councilor today.