Video: NCTV Annual Meeting of October 14; Al-Jazeera Proposal

Northampton Community Television (NCTV) held its annual meeting on October 14. The meeting took place in City Council Chambers. Here is a Google video of the meeting. It’s one hour and 38 minutes long.

The meeting covered the recent achievements of NCTV and its future plans. Viewer feedback is discussed, along with NCTV’s relationship with Northampton High School. A desire for more engagement with Smith College students is expressed.

Starting around 27min:45sec, plans for uploading more video to the web are touched on, which we think is great. It will allow more people to view the material at their convenience. Web videos are also easy to pause and review.

Starting around 68min:35sec, the meeting spent several minutes discussing Al-Jazeera, the Arabic-language news network. Al-Jazeera has offered to pay for some NCTV equipment (value $5,500). In exchange, NCTV would broadcast four hours of Al-Jazeera programming each day. Comcast is studying the proposal. There are few precedents for this arrangement. There may be issues with broadcasting commercial programming on a community access channel, even with the ads stripped out.

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