February 24: Ag Forum to Address Illegal Dumping in Meadows

Councilor David Narkewicz is circulating the following announcement:

Agricultural Commission Public Forum

Tuesday February 24, 2009
7:00-9:00 PM
Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School Library
Main Building, 80 Locust Street, Northampton


7:00-7:10       Introduction to the City of Northampton
Agricultural Commission by John Omasta, Chair

7:10-7:30       Overview of the Natural Resources Conservation
Service provided by District Conservationist Dwane Coffey

7:30-8:30       Discussion breakout groups:
.       Is there a legal
strategy to stop illegal activities and destruction to property in the meadows
section of Northampton?

.       Is there desire/demand for additional farmers markets in
.       Do you have available agricultural land/are you looking
for available agricultural land?

8:30-9:00       Open discussion on agricultural issues in the
City of Northampton


For more information: Bruce W. Young, Land Use and
Conservation Planner

See also:

Ward Three Neighborhood Association: Meeting Minutes November 11, 2008
Lilly Lombard reported trash dumping and drug use in Ward 4 meadows: Discussion about possibly restricting vehicle traffic with Northampton Agriculture Commission. People and commission members are concerned about erosions of roads, dumping, drugs, Jerry suggested that fines be raised in conservancy zones and he spoke with Councilor Bob about this possibility. Farmers are asking that dumping be reported. Meeting with citizen and police chief is being planned in February.