June 3: Zoning Revisions Committee Meeting

Northampton’s Office of Planning and Development is circulating the following announcement:

Zoning Revisions Committee Meeting
June 3, 2009 Agenda
City Council Chambers
220 Main St

7:00 PM

  1. Public comment
  2. Finalize discussion of possible zoning changes
  3. Discuss types of infill (develop open space vs modifying existing structures)
  4. Discuss a public meeting for June. This would be our first invitation to the general public for comment and feedback.
  5. Discuss preferences for setting up subcommittees for in depth research on zoning items.

See also:

Video: Zoning Revisions Committee Meeting of 5/20/09
1:30:09-1:38:39… Discussion of design guidelines. Jim Nash:
Neighborhood groups have anxiety about what infill will look like.
Specifying design guidelines up front will ease the way for other
regulatory changes. Residents will have more trust in the outcome.
Let’s analyze mistakes from the past.

Audio Recording of Zoning Revisions Committee Meeting of 5/6/09

Video: Zoning Revisions Committee Meeting of 4/1/09; Wayne Feiden Gives Zoning Tutorial

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