Video: Committee on Economic Development, Housing and Land Use, 8/10/09 Meeting

Here is a complete video of the 8/10/09 meeting of Northampton’s Committee on Economic Development, Housing and Land Use. The video is 1 hour 55 minutes long and was recorded by Mimi Odgers of Water Not Waste.

Video highlights:

0:56:40-1:50:58 …Should the City Council retain special permit decision-making authority over landfill expansion (the landfill is a “heavy public use”) or transfer that authority to the Planning Board?… Discussion of ballot questions regarding landfill expansion. [We regret the air conditioning noise in the background. We did our best to minimize this in postprocessing.]

1:50:59-1:54:45 …A spirited post-meeting discussion between Mimi Odgers and Mayor Clare Higgins regarding Hilton Garden Inn parking and the landfill expansion decision process.

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