Gazette: “Cherry Street car blaze considered suspicious”

Today’s Gazette reports another suspicious fire in the neighborhood:

Emergency responders arrived [at Cherry Street] about 3:35 a.m. to find a 2005 Saturn, with an estimated value of $20,000, fully engulfed in flames, police said…

…investigators consider it suspicious…

Fire consumed a Ford Focus Aug. 28 and a Jeep Cherokee in May. Both vehicles were parked on Hawley Street. Authorities have refused to say what may have caused the fires.

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Northamptonist: Arson Confirmed In Recent Rash Of Fires On Hawley St. (12/8/07)

This evening, the Gazette online has reported three car fires set this morning. One on Hawley St., one on Market, and one on Summer St., bringing the total number of suspicious fires this year to nine. After the fifth suspicious fire in November, which the Daily Hampshire Gazette reported was suspected arson -as well as the previous four fires in the neighborhood- Northamptonist sent an email to the Fire Chief, among others.