Northampton Media Launches

Northampton Media, a nonprofit independent local news enterprise, launches today at NSNA is a proud sponsor. Publisher Mary Serreze writes,

OK, folks, we’re going live, even though we haven’t worked out all of the bugs. Watch us develop, grow, and refine the site in real time…we’ll be adding correspondents and columnists, testing a forum module under the “soapbox” section, working out the best ways to display RSS feeds from media providers in the area, and soliciting sponsorships, grants, and cooperative marketing relationships…don’t touch that dial.

We believe in the nimble, street-level approach to collecting news. We hope to offer great writing from seasoned journalists as well as fledgling reporting from citizens who agree to cover public meetings. Life is a Journey, and we are unfurling our sails.
Content online now includes video interviews with these City Council candidates:

  • At-Large: Jesse Adams, Kathy Silva
  • Ward 2: Paul Spector
  • Ward 3: Angela Plassmann
  • Ward 6: Marianne LaBarge
  • Ward 7: Deb Jacobs, George Russell